Estamos Juntos

We are together. We are the Bride of Christ, fastened together by the blood of Jesus. It’s His Life, His Bread, His Wine that sustains us. It no longer matters our background, culture, or heritage, Christ is in us and He is all that matters. It’s time to put aside our pettiness. Time to step out of our religious shaped box. Time to take our place as the “perfected love” of The Bridegroom and wash off our pearls the pigs have been rolling on. Jesus is calling us together. Calling us to oneness. The soliloquy of His heart is that we would be one as He and the Father are one because it is through our bond that the world will know that the Father had sent HIm. It’s time my brother, my sister. It is time.



The Blogger

i love my Life! Plain and simple; the motto i follow. Hidden motives, none. Blackout dates, none. Closets full of skeletons, none. My goal in life is to live my life as a house on a hill, all the lights on and no curtains pulled. My life being on display for all to see.

The reason i write is threefold. i love Jesus. i love His Bride. i love His mission. The reason He is emphasized and not i; that He (Jesus) may be exalted and i be lessened. My vision is to see beauty and passion reflamed in our hearts for The Desire of the nations; Jesus. My writing is set to serve the Sire, to sound His song and share His suffering. The typical approach for writing i take is creative, descriptive in style. To adjoin romance back into the religiosity that’s taken Christianity captive, to serve the mundane on such a platter to appetize a consumer’s palate.

i am working on my freelancing as well hoping to make something of this. i may not be the right person to write insurance claims but if you or someone you know is need of some flair, you know where to send them.

— Timothy Estes